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Corner Bakery Cafe logoCORNER BAKERY CAFE

February 17, 2003
Bryan Kepner
4030-F Pleasantdale Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30340

Dear Bryan:

I have been running restaurants now for over 25 years, and rarely have I come across a product that works as well as the "Ice Wand". The market that I am in has terrible water. Even with frequent filter changes, the ice still looked cloudy, the ice in the ice machine needed to be burned down, and the machine cleaned at least once a month. I have had the "Ice Wand" in my ice machine now for over 8 months and I still have not had to burn down the ice and clean the machine like before. The ice itself looks better as well, in the past it had a cloudy look to it. Now it looks much clearer.

The "Ice Wand" does 3 things for me:

1. Much less, frequent cleaning of the ice machine.
2. The ice itself looks much better.
I have one less thing to think about when the health inspector comes in.

Thank you for a great product!

John Dixon
General Manager