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To Whom It May Concern:

     I was first introduced to the Ice Wand at the International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant show in November 2002. Upon hearing the technical explanation of the Ice Wand, I decided to try it. I purchased two Ice Wand's to test at the Comfort Inn in Atlantic City.

     Two of my Scotsman ice machines were having significant slime problems. My maintenance engineer had to clean and sanitize both machines frequently. One of the machines was twelve years old and the other was six years old. The twelve-year-old ice machine had the worst slime problem. My engineer decided to test the Ice Wand in this machine. (This machine was not available for public ice consumption during this period.) The directions stated that the ice machine needed to be cleaned prior to installing the Ice Wand. My engineer did not clean the ice machine before installing the Ice Wand. After a few days, the slime that had built up was flaking off into the bin and trough areas. Using a hose, he washed off the inside of the machine and ran two ice cycles. The slime was eliminated in all splash areas. I personally recommend following the directions, but was amazed at the Ice Wand's ability to eradicate the existing slime.

     Three months later, the manufacturer called and asked how the Ice Wand's were working. My maintenance engineer told me the trough area, the area that seemed to have the most slime, was "sparkling clean," and the water was, "very clear." I have to admit, my engineer and I were both very skeptical of the Ice Wand claims of slime control. We were impressed.

     I have since ordered nine more Ice Wand's, one for each ice machine in my four hotels. I anticipate another order in three months. More importantly, my maintenance engineer is much happier not having to manually clean ice machines anymore.

David Ludwig
General Manager
Best Western Extended Stay & Suites, Pleasanton, NJ
Comfort Inn Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ
Econo Lodge Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ
Econo Lodge, Cardiff, NJ