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Benefits of the Ice Wand include:

  • Controls chronic icemaker bio-file (slime) growth problem
  • Optimizes finished beverage quality
  • Optimizes ice quality/clarity
  • Patented, unique cutting-edge technology
  • Aids in meeting both state and local health standards for icemakers
  • Convenient disposal (without negative impact on the environment)
  • Reduces icemaker maintenance frequency and costs
  • Enhances QWA and preventative maintenance packages
  • Optimizes the efficiency and life of icemakers
  • Enhances customer loyality
  • Universally adaptive to virtually all makes and models
  • Simple to install
  • Not disruptive to operational store routine
  • Non toxic and non corrosive
  • Effectiveness not impeded by lime/scale deposits
  • Lower in cost to more cumbersome alternatives
  • Compact, for easy stocking and shipping
  • Proven effective in lab and field tests
  • EPA and NSF approved
  • Unique product extensions forthcoming