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The Most Cost-Effective and High-Performance Product for Controlling Ice Machine Slime

Slime buildup in ice machines is one of the major reasons restauarants are shut down and fined. The manufacturer's patented Ice Wand technology reduces this risk and significantly reduces down time traditionally associated with ice machine cleaning. Use of the Ice Wand reduces cleaning costs by up to 70%.

Slime buildup can decrease the life span of an ice machine by several years. Reduced buildup improves overall performance of the machine and minimizes maintenance requirements.

High bacteria counts in ice are responsible for poor taste and odor in beverages. By controlling the level of bacteria growth in the ice machine, the Ice Wand will improve taste, odor, and appearance, increasing satisfaction among a consumer population increasingly concerned with the quality of their food and beverage products.

How the Ice Wand works

The manufacturer's Ice Wand contains its own EPA registered advanced antimicrobial media known as MB2050, which was custom-designed to inhibit the growth of a wide variety of bacteria and algae that cause slime found in ice machines. The technology utilizes the known antimicrobial properties of various minerals, along with other metal oxides, to interfere with the microorganisms' cell reproduction, electron transport and overall organism function. This technology is incorporated into a drop-in device, which is placed directly into the influent water sump, providing treatment of the machine in one easy step. Conveniently, change-out for a 500 to 1200 lb. machine is every three months. If larger, change in 1 - 2 months or use 2 to 3 Ice Wands.