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In our continuing effort to assist our customers in achieving the highest standards in beverage quality and consumer safety, while holding operational and maintenance costs to a minimum, we are pleased to introduce to you a simplistic, proven-effective product that accomplishes these objectives...

The manufacturer has developed a patented technology that controls the growth of bacteria, algae, yeast, mold, and other microbes in ice cube makers. The commercially available product, Ice Wand has been thoroughly tested and approved by Coca-Cola Fountain, Beverage Quality Assurance.

The Ice Wand is an easy to install device, that when inserted into the ice cube maker sump, will reduce the frequency and expense of manual and/or professional cleanings. The results are: improved overall beverage quality; clearer ice; better tasting ice; improved sanitation; and reduced maintenance costs. It is recommended that the Ice Wand be replaced every three months.